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Embark on a 100-Day EFT Chakra Healing Journey

Infographic of meridian points for emotional freedom technique, , realistic detailing, use of traditional techniques

EFT meridian points for emotional freedom technique realistic detailing, use of traditional techniques

Embark on an unparalleled spiritual journey starting September 23, 2023. For those who are new to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Chakra Healing, this is a unique opportunity to integrate two powerful modalities for personal growth and well-being.

EFT, often referred to as “tapping,” is a psychological acupressure technique that uses finger taps on specific points of the body to release emotional blockages. Chakras, on the other hand, are energy centers in our body, each associated with particular emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects.

When combined, EFT tapping and Chakra Healing offer a profound approach to balancing our energy system, releasing past traumas, and ensuring optimal well-being.

What to Expect in the 100-Day Journey:

This transformative journey spans from September 23, 2023, until January 01, 2024. Participants will receive:

  • 10 Days of In-depth Tapping Videos on Each Chakra: Each chakra will be addressed in detail with specific tapping sequences to release blockages and harness its power.
  • Guided Meditations and Visualizations: Supplement your tapping sessions with guided meditations designed to deepen your connection to each chakra.
  • Expert Insights and Tips: Learn from the best in the field about the intricacies of EFT and chakra healing.

Why Participate?

EFT Chakra Healing can lead to:

  • Deep emotional healing and trauma release
  • Enhanced self-awareness and intuition
  • Improved physical well-being and energy levels
  • Spiritual growth and alignment with one’s purpose


Q1: Do I need prior experience with EFT or Chakra Healing?
No. This journey is designed for both beginners and those familiar with these practices.

Q2: How will I access the videos?
They will be posted daily.

Q3: What if I miss a day?
The videos will be available here on the blog and on YouTube, allowing you to move at your own pace.


Embarking on this 100-Day EFT Chakra Healing Journey is not just an investment in your well-being but a transformative experience that can impact various areas of your life. Seize this opportunity to explore, heal, and grow. Join us from September 23, 2023, to January 01, 2024.

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Feel Grounded Now: EFT Tapping for Root Chakra Balance

Black woman with glasses and locs in a ponytail

Feel Grounded Now: EFT Tapping for Root Chakra Balance

Feel Grounded Now: EFT Tapping for Root Chakra Balance

Hello, beautiful souls, welcome to the first video in our Root Chakra series. Today, we delve into the world of grounding. The Root Chakra, or Muladhara, is the foundation of our energy system, anchoring us to the earth and providing a sense of stability and security.

When the Root Chakra is unbalanced, it can leave us feeling ungrounded, anxious, and insecure, with a sense that we’re drifting aimlessly, not anchored to the world or to our own bodies. You might experience a lack of focus, restlessness, and a constant sense of instability.

Today’s tapping session is focused on grounding. Through this EFT script, we will work together to reignite your connection to the earth, restore balance to your Root Chakra, and help you to feel solid, secure, and rooted once again. Let’s embark on this healing journey together, embracing the stability and support the earth generously offers to us.


Round 1:

  • KC – Even though I often feel ungrounded… I deeply and completely accept myself
  • KC – Even though the world spins too fast… I choose to find my center
  • KC – Even though grounding feels hard… I choose to connect with the Earth
  • KC – Even though I feel lost at times… I forgive and accept myself
  • EB – I feel untethered, like a leaf in the wind
  • SE – Longing to feel the solid earth beneath my feet
  • UE – I reach out for stability
  • UN – Seeking a connection to the earth below
  • UM – I am tired of feeling ungrounded
  • CB – I yearn for a sense of solidity and connection
  • UA – Wishing to feel the security of the earth’s embrace
  • TH – I open myself to the grounding energy of the earth

Round 2:

  • EB – I imagine roots growing from my feet into the earth
  • SE – These roots anchor me firmly to the ground
  • UE – I feel the stability of the earth supporting me
  • UN – The nourishing energy of the earth flows into me
  • UM – I am grounded, steady, and strong
  • CB – Feeling the earth’s embrace enveloping me
  • UA – I trust in the earth’s stable, grounding energy
  • TH – I am deeply connected and grounded to the earth

Round 3:

  • EB – Embracing the comforting energy of grounding
  • SE – I am anchored, secure, and steadfast
  • UE – I carry the grounding energy of the earth within me
  • UN – Each step I take is rooted and secure
  • UM – I move with confidence and calm
  • CB – I am one with the grounding force of the earth
  • UA – Gratitude fills me for the solid ground beneath
  • TH – My Mind, Body and Soul are in agreement, I am grounded
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Day 1: My Journey Begins with the 100-Day EFT Tapping Challenge

Black woman with locs and glasses in a red shirt

Hello to all my fellow journeyers,

Today marks a significant chapter in my self-discovery and healing quest. September 23rd, 2023, is the day I recommit to my 100-day EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Challenge, a tradition I’ve held dear since 2019. This year promises a fresh, rejuvenated structure aimed to supercharge not just my growth, but hopefully yours as well.

Looking back at 2019, I took on the challenge with full vigor, releasing a daily EFT tapping video. And now, I’m fusing this year’s challenge with chakra clearing. If you’re unfamiliar, there are seven main chakras in our body, each a unique energy point. My mission? To release 10 videos for each chakra, focusing on tailored affirmations. That makes 70 videos centered around chakras.

You might be wondering about the other 30 videos. Well, besides today’s welcome message (which doesn’t include any tapping), I plan to introduce explanations, guided meditation sessions, and maybe even a few delightful surprises to keep things engaging. You can catch these daily nuggets of wisdom on my YouTube channel and my blog at TiffsGlitz. If you’re looking for a more in-depth insight into what this challenge entails, there’s a detailed introductory post on my blog.

Before we dive deep into this, it’s essential to clarify my philosophy for this challenge. It’s all about “progress over perfection” for me. I’m not aiming for a polished, over-edited series; I want this to be as raw, genuine, and heartfelt as possible. The videos will typically be between three to five minutes, with some short bursts perhaps popping up on TikTok.

EFT has always been my therapeutic anchor. It works its magic every single time I turn to it. But oddly enough, amidst life’s chaos, it’s sometimes the first practice I unintentionally let slip – an irony I’m sure many can resonate with.

To wrap up, this isn’t just a routine challenge for me; it’s about transformation, feeling rejuvenated, and harmonizing my energies. EFT is my solace, and I’m inviting all of you to explore its wonders with me over these 100 days. So, let’s embrace the journey, imperfections and all, and elevate together!

See you all tomorrow!


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The BookBabes Collection: In Honor of Four Women Who Wove Stories into My Life

I’m excited to announce the launch of my newest project, an homage to the incredible women who have not just shaped my life, but also nurtured my passion for reading. Their stories, their spirits, their resilience, and their love for the written word have inspired a collection that I am proud to share with all of you – The BookBabes Collection of book bags. The BookBabes Collection is a celebration of stories, each print capturing the essence of the remarkable women it is named after. These book bags are more than just a means to carry your beloved books; they’re wearable narratives that encapsulate fond memories and the potent impact of the women they honor.

First Drop: The ‘Tammy’ -A Tale of Love, Warmth, and Nostalgia

Embarking on this journey, we begin with our inaugural drop, the Tammy. This design honors my beloved Aunt Tammy, whose unwavering kindness and wisdom shaped the person I am today. The ‘Tammy’ book bag captures her spirit, blending love, warmth, and nostalgic sentiments. Carry any of the bags with this print and embody the essence of a remarkable woman who cherished the power of storytelling.

Second Drop: The ‘Lisa’ – Embracing Brilliance and Resilience

Our second design pays homage to the brilliance and resilience of Aunt Lisa, whose radiant light was tragically extinguished far too soon. The ‘Lisa’ print epitomizes her intelligence and creativity, reminding us to carry our heritage and history with pride. Let this print inspire you to embrace your own brilliance and resilience. Her creative spirit, evidenced by the riveting game she created about Black historical figures, leaves an indelible mark on everyone she touched.

Third Drop: The ‘Cristy’ – A Fusion of Style and Grace

In our third drop, we celebrate the elegance and flair of Auntie Cristy, a model and fashionista. The ‘Cristy’ print exudes it girl and chicness, mirroring her impeccable sense of style. This design is perfect for those who want to make a statement, just as Aunt Cristy always did. Carry this bag and embrace your own unique fashion journey.

Final Drop: The ‘Marjorie‘ – Nurturing Young Minds

Concluding our collection is the ‘Marjorie,’ named after my fourth-grade teacher who nurtured my insatiable reading habit. Recognizing my thirst for advanced literature, she graciously shared her daughter’s outgrown books with me. The ‘Marjorie’ book bag serves as a tribute to all educators who recognize and cultivate a child’s potential, symbolizing their profound impact on shaping young minds. Carry this print and honor the teachers who shape the future.

The BookBabes Collection is my way of honoring these extraordinary women and their lasting influence on my life. Their love for literature and their indomitable spirits are woven into each design. As you carry these bags with prints, remember that you’re not just carrying books; you’re also carrying a piece of a legacy, a story, a tribute to four incredible women. Each print in this collection is a celebration of the past, a nod to the women who guided me, and a token of inspiration for the future. These prints, each representing a chapter in my life’s story, are now ready to accompany you on your literary journeys. Thank you, dear friends, for being part of this heartfelt project. Stay tuned for the upcoming drops and immerse yourself in the legacy of Tammy, Lisa, Cristy, and Marjorie. May their stories inspire you, as they have inspired me. Happy Reading!

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The Stellar Eight

Group of smiling Black women in spacesuits

Under the milky glow of Vega 7, the universe’s most stunning beauty was not a celestial body or an interstellar marvel. No, it was the radiant smiles of eight freshly minted Space Academy graduates. The jubilant group of Black women, swathed in shimmering mecha spacesuits, represented a fusion of ambition, intelligence, and the willpower to overcome. Their laughter echoed across the landing strip, spreading an infectious energy that even the hardened veterans couldn’t resist.

“Celia, if you grin any wider, your helmet might crack,” teased Suri, her dark eyes sparkling with shared excitement. Celia only laughed louder, her smile threatening to outshine the distant stars. “Did they assign you to a ‘Liac yet, Nia?” asked Nubia, flicking an imaginary speck of dust off her pristine suit. Nia’s laugh was rich and full, “Honey, I could only wish! I’d love to rub shoulders with interstellar diplomats and their Hollywood hangers-on. But no, they put me on a Viac.” “Nia on a Viac?” Suri teased, mimicking the horror in her voice, “Space’s best glam queen assigned to a patrol vehicle? The universe has a wicked sense of humor.”
  A few paces away, twins Effie and Zola huddled, their excitement running high. They’d been assigned to Gerox – the glamorous tourist transporters. “Can you believe it? Exploring galaxies and meeting aliens!” Effie’s eyes glowed brighter than a pulsar. “Do you think they’ll have shops?” Zola wondered aloud, a twinkle of mischief dancing in her eyes. “I’ve heard the Venutians have fabulous fashion.”

Amidst their joyful chatter, the remaining three – Farai, Indira, and Shani – wore more somber expressions. The sisters in arms had been assigned to Briacs, the unsung heroes who picked up recyclable refuse. But even that didn’t quell their spirit. “Farai,” Indira began, her voice a melody of defiance, “remember when they called us ‘Space Janitors?'” Farai chuckled, “Indeed. And now we’re official. Briac team, space janitors extraordinaire!” Her laughter carried a note of infectious joy that transformed the dour title into a badge of honor. Shani joined in, her laughter washing away the underlying fear. And so, the celebration continued. The atmosphere was electric with their shared triumph, their camaraderie, and an unspoken promise. They were pioneers venturing forth into the vast cosmos, their laughter reaching for the stars, their smiles painting galaxies, and their courage inspiring a new generation of space explorers. The Stellar Eight, as they had affectionately been christened by their classmates, were ready to write their stories amongst the constellations.

And even though the job descriptions varied wildly – from rubbing shoulders with the universe’s elite on luxury transports to ensuring the cosmos remained clutter-free – they understood one thing: the universe was theirs to explore. Their journey had just begun, and they carried their joy and determination like a shining beacon into the depths of space.
 They knew their futures wouldn’t be just about luxurious transports, adventurous patrols, glamorous tourism, or humble recycling. It was about sisterhood, about shared dreams, and a bold journey to the stars. It was about eight shining stars that had found their place in the vast universe, grinning brightly under the glow of Vega 7.
  “I suppose,” Nubia mused, breaking the comfortable silence that had settled over them, “even if we’re scattered across galaxies, we’re still a team. The Stellar Eight.” “And forever will be,” Suri declared, her voice resounding with confidence. The laughter echoed once more, their shared promise reverberating through the cosmos. As they gazed at their brand-new ships, a different kind of stars twinkled in their eyes – stars of anticipation, excitement, and a hint of audacious bravery. For now, the universe awaited, and they were ready to answer its call.

As they took their final steps away from the academy, the Stellar Eight glanced back. The enormity of their accomplishment washed over them. Their smiles were their trophies, badges of honor they wore with pride. Yet, underneath their shared joy, a flicker of apprehension lingered. The unknown universe stretched out before them, a promise filled with thrilling adventures, formidable challenges, and unprecedented discoveries.
  Yet, none of them let the fear show. They clung to their courage and their shared strength as they embarked on their own journeys. Farai, Indira, and Shani, the newly minted ‘Space Janitors,’ broke away from the group first. Their final wave was a salute of defiance, their smiles shattering the stigma associated with their assignments.

Next, the twins, Effie and Zola, left for the Gerox. They shared one last, gleeful look, their dreams of exotic planets and alien fashion twinkling in their eyes. As they walked away, Zola called out over her shoulder, “Nia, remember, if you come across any Venutian silk, it’s mine!” Nia just laughed in response, promising nothing.
  Finally, it was time for the patrol officer and the transport escort to part ways. Nia, with her swagger that was as infectious as her laughter, gave a thumbs-up to Celia. “Stay fancy, Celia!” She called, her stride exuding confidence as she moved towards her Viac.
 “And you, stay safe, Nia!” Celia replied, her voice steady yet full of warmth. As she watched her friends depart, she turned to Nubia, her partner in the luxurious Liac. She had always been more stoic, but now her smile was a beacon, a symbol of hope and camaraderie that cut through the looming uncertainty.

“Ready for this, partner?” Nubia asked, her voice low but laced with anticipation.
 “Absolutely,” Celia replied, their shared excitement igniting the surrounding air. They were about to serve the universe’s crème de la crème, an opportunity as daunting as it was enticing.
  As they climbed into their respective ships, they all wore their widest smiles. The Stellar Eight, the proudest graduates of the Space Academy, were embarking on their journeys, their laughter still echoing on the Vega 7, their dreams ready to soar across the galaxies.

  So, they ventured forth, eight fiery comets streaking across the universe. Different paths, different roles, but bound by a promise, a shared dream, a radiant camaraderie. For the universe was vast, but their spirits were indomitable. They were the Stellar Eight, and their adventures were just beginning. And the universe, well, it better be ready.

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AyreShorts: Where AI Meets Human Creativity

Hey there, folks!

 I’m beyond excited to introduce you to the latest splash in my creative pool: ‘AyreShorts’. Picture this: engaging short stories, gripping images, and all that jazz, but with a twist of AI innovation. Got your attention? Great!

 ‘AyreShorts’ are bite-sized tales across various genres. But here’s the cool part: I didn’t create them alone. Meet my amazing co-author, ChatGPT, an advanced language model from OpenAI. This AI isn’t just a tool; it’s a creative partner, throwing in plot twists and narratives that help me craft each AyreShort story.

 But it doesn’t stop there. Every good story deserves a stunning image, right? Enter MidJourney, an AI tool that generates captivating images. Each AyreShort comes with a unique MidJourney artwork, giving a visual kick to your reading experience.  This collaboration between human creativity and AI technology is what makes AyreShorts so exciting. The stories come to life from this dance between my imagination and the AI’s algorithms. The end result? Fresh, unique tales that get your mind gears turning.

 Creating AyreShorts has been an adventure. It’s all about the blend of technology and storytelling. And hey, isn’t life all about stories that make us think, feel, and dream?

 So, are you ready to jump into the world of AyreShorts? There’s a story for everyone here. Can’t wait for you to experience the magic of AI-enhanced creativity!
 Your adventure begins now…
 Happy reading!