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Awaken Your Senses: EFT Tapping for a More Sensual You

Awaken Your Senses: EFT Tapping for a More Sensual You

Awaken Your Senses: EFT Tapping for a More Sensual You

Hey there, amazing souls! 🌟 Can you even believe we’re on Day 87 of our 100 Days Until 2024 EFT Tapping Challenge? Time flies when you’re having fun and healing, am I right? We’ve just wrapped up our Root Chakra series, and wow, what a transformative journey that was!

Now, hold onto your hats because today is Day 1 of our next epic series focused on the Sacral Chakra! If you’ve been feeling emotionally out of sync or just creatively stuck, you’re gonna love what’s coming up.. Ever have those days where you feel emotionally ‘meh’ or just can’t find your groove? It could be a sign that it’s time for some balancing act in your life.

That’s why today we’re diving into an amazing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping routine specifically designed to help you embrace your sensual side.

Why Sensuality?

Sensuality often gets a bad rap, but it’s not all about romance or sexuality. It’s about fully experiencing the world through all your senses—taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound. When you start tapping into these, you’ll find that life becomes more vibrant and fulfilling. 🌈

If you want to see this in action, check out the accompanying YouTube video for this routine

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Let’s Get Tapping!

Round 1:
KC – Even though I haven’t really embraced my sensual side, I’m open to change and I fully accept myself.
  • KC – Even though it’s a bit awkward for me to talk about sensuality, I’m willing to explore it.
  • KC – Even though I’ve suppressed my sensual feelings, I choose to forgive and accept myself.
  • KC – Even though being sensual seems risky, I’m okay with starting small and taking baby steps.
  • EB – I haven’t been super connected to my sensual side
  • SE – It’s always seemed easier to avoid it.
  • UE – Why risk feeling awkward or vulnerable, right?
  • UN – But, am I missing out on something?
  • UM – Maybe there’s a richness to life I haven’t tapped into.
  • CB – Sensuality is about being present and feeling fully.
  • UA – I think it’s time to explore this part of myself.
  • TH – Let’s open this door, even if it’s just a crack.

  • Round 2:
  • EB – What if I embarrass myself by trying to be more sensual?
  • SE – But then again, how will I know if I never try?
  • UE – And isn’t it all about enjoying the simple things?
  • UN – Like the texture of fabric, the taste of food, or the touch of a loved one.
  • UM – It’s okay to find joy in these experiences.
  • CB – I’m allowed to feel fully and deeply.
  • UA – As I allow myself to feel, I become more whole.
  • TH – This is a good thing.

  • Round 3:
  • EB – Okay, it’s still new, and I’m feeling a bit self-conscious.
  • SE – But I can start small. Baby steps, right?
  • UE – Maybe I can just focus on one sense at a time.
  • UN – Let myself really smell that coffee in the morning.
  • UM – Or really savor that first bite of dinner.
  • CB – Each sense awakened adds color to my world.
  • UA – By embracing my senses, I’m embracing life.
  • TH – My Mind, Body, and Soul are in agreement
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