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Balancing the Heart Chakra – EFT for Grieving Communities

Day 62: Balancing the Heart Chakra – EFT for Grieving Communities

Welcome to Day 62 of Our ‘100 Days Until 2024 EFT Challenge’ 🌟🗓️

Guess what, beautiful souls? We’ve reached a truly special milestone today—it’s Day 62 of our ‘100 Days Until 2024 EFT Challenge’ 🌟🗓️. Can you believe the growth and transformation we’ve experienced so far? It’s just mind-blowing 🌱🚀!

Today, we’re venturing into uncharted waters with a new series focused on the Heart or Anahata Chakra 💚🌈. That’s right! We’re addressing a subject that’s touched every one of us—collective grief—with today’s session: “Balancing the Heart Chakra: EFT for Grieving Communities” 💖🌎.

This chakra isn’t just about spirituality; it’s literally the emotional core of our being. It’s where love blooms, compassion flows, and, yes, where grief resides 🌹💔. Our world has been on a roller coaster of emotions, and we’ve all felt it deep in our hearts 💗🌍.

But hang on to your seats, because today is all about harnessing the power of the Heart Chakra for healing—not just for ourselves but for our communities as well 💕✨. This session gives us a platform to rise above the grief and fill our hearts with the love and compassion we so desperately need 🙏💞. And remember, we’re on this 100-day journey together, growing not just as individuals, but as a powerful collective force for good 🌱🌎.

Round 1:
  • KC – Even though there’s so much collective grief, I choose to deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • KC – Even though I feel the weight of this tragedy on my heart, I deeply and completely accept my emotions.
  • KC – Even though it’s hard to make sense of what’s happening, I choose to accept and forgive myself for not having all the answers.
  • KC – Even though my heart aches for everyone involved, I forgive and accept myself anyway.
  • EB – My heart is heavy with grief.
  • SE – This tragedy affects us all.
  • UE – I feel the emotional weight on my Heart Chakra.
  • UN – It’s hard to be in a state of love and compassion.
  • UM – There’s a collective pain that’s palpable.
  • CB – I can almost feel the sorrow in the air.
  • UA – Sometimes it feels too much to bear.
  • TH – How do we find hope when everything feels so dark?

  • Round 2:
  • EB – What if I can channel this grief into compassion?
  • SE – I know the Heart Chakra is the center of love.
  • UE – What if I could help others heal by healing myself?
  • UN – Could it be time to turn sorrow into love?
  • UM – If love is the opposite of fear, could it also balance grief?
  • CB – What if I could radiate love to all those hurting right now?
  • UA – My Heart Chakra could be a beacon of love in this sea of sorrow.
  • TH – Is it possible to find light in this darkness through compassion?

  • Round 3:
  • EB – I choose to turn my grief into a force for collective healing.
  • SE – I envision my Heart Chakra glowing brighter with love and compassion.
  • UE – As I heal myself, I contribute to the world’s healing.
  • UN – I accept my role in this collective experience.
  • UM – I feel more connected to everyone through my Heart Chakra.
  • CB – Each tap brings more love into my life and into the world.
  • UA – I believe in the power of collective healing.
  • TH – My Mind, Body and Soul are in agreement.

And Finally…

Wow, what an exhilarating ride today’s session has been! 🎢 As we close, let’s remind ourselves that every tap is a step closer to both personal and collective healing. You’re not alone; we’re all a part of this incredible journey 🛤️. Can’t wait to see you in the next session, where we’ll dive even deeper into the heart of the matter 💖. Keep shining, you wonderful souls! 🌟

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