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Boundary Bliss: EFT Tapping for Setting and Keeping Limits 

Boundary Bliss: EFT Tapping for Setting and Keeping Limits

🌸 Boundary Bliss: EFT Tapping for Setting and Keeping Limits 🌸

Welcome to the 7th Video in Our Root Chakra Series!

Hey beautiful souls! 🌟 Ready to step into your power and set some serious boundaries? Join us for the 7th video in our Root Chakra series and Day 92 in our 100 Days until 2024 EFT Tapping Challenge. In this session, we’re focusing on building and maintaining healthy boundaries, an essential step towards self-respect, self-love, and a balanced Root Chakra.

Why Are Boundaries So Important?

Setting healthy boundaries is all about honoring your needs, protecting your energy, and affirming your self-worth. It’s about saying no when you need to, asking for what you want, and creating space for your well-being and happiness. 💖

Join Us and Set Your Boundaries!

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Healthy Boundaries Script:

Round 1:

  • KC – Even though I have struggled to set boundaries… I deeply and completely love accept myself
  • KC – Even though sometimes it’s hard to say no… I choose to honor my needs
  • KC – Even though I fear others’ reactions… I trust my right to set limits
  • KC – Even though I have let others overstep… I forgive myself and reclaim my space
  • EB – Even though I’ve allowed my boundaries to be crossed
  • SE – And I feel the weight of others’ demands
  • UE – I know the importance of my own space
  • UN – It’s time to respect my own boundaries
  • UM – I desire the freedom of healthy limits
  • CB – Fear of confrontation holds me back sometimes
  • UA – But I am learning to stand firm
  • TH – I am starting to see the strength in setting boundaries
  • Round 2:

  • EB – I visualize myself setting clear and strong boundaries
  • SE – Feeling the respect for my own limits
  • UE – I am worthy of respect and consideration
  • UN – The strength to set boundaries grows within me
  • UM – I am grounded in my right to limit access
  • CB – I feel the empowerment of clear boundaries
  • UA – The fear diminishes as I honor my needs
  • TH – My boundaries are firm, clear, and respected
  • Round 3:

    Round 3
  • EB – I am considering becoming someone who can set healthy boundaries
  • SE – Although, I’m not sure how I’m going to do this right now
  • UE – It feels good to think about making this change
  • UN – I’m open to learning more about ‘healthy boundaries
  • UM – Part of me is looking forward to finding a different way
  • CB – Maybe this is something I can learn
  • UA – I appreciate my honesty and courage with this issue
  • TH – My Mind, Body, and Soul are in agreement
  • Stay tuned for more EFT Tapping sessions and continue this journey of growth and healing with us. 🌈 #BoundaryBliss #RootChakraBalance #EFTTapping

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