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Embrace Trust Fully: EFT Tapping for a Balanced Root Chakra

Embrace Trust Fully: EFT Tapping for a Balanced Root Chakra

Hey beautiful souls, welcome to the fifth video in our Root Chakra series. Today, we getting down with Trust. Now, trust is like the roots of a tree, y’all. In our Root Chakra, or Muladhara, trust helps us feel safe, secure, and grounded, like a big ol’ tree with its roots deep in the earth.


Round 1:

  • KC – Even though trust feels challenging… I deeply and completely accept myself
  • KC – Even though I’ve been betrayed before… I choose to heal and move forward
  • KC – Even though it’s hard to trust… I choose to be open to the possibility
  • KC – Even though I’m afraid to trust… I choose to love honor and accept myself
  • EB – I’ve been let down before
  • SE – Trusting feels unsafe
  • UE – My heart is guarded
  • UN – It’s hard to let people in
  • UM – Fear holds me back
  • CB – But I yearn to trust again
  • UA – I deserve healthy, trusting relationships
  • TH – I’m beginning to open my heart

Round 2:

  • EB – I imagine a life filled with trust
  • SE – Visualizing myself open and assured
  • UE – I feel the warmth of trust embracing me
  • UN – Trust is flowing into my life
  • UM – I am worthy of trust and reliability
  • CB – Trust in myself and others is growing
  • UA – I embrace the vulnerability trust requires
  • TH – I am healing, becoming a beacon of trust

Round 3:

  • EB – Trust is now a part of my journey
  • SE – I am surrounded by trustworthy connections
  • UE – My heart is open, my spirit is secure
  • UN – I trust in the path I am on
  • UM – I release the fear, embracing trust fully
  • CB – Trust fills every aspect of my life
  • UA – Gratitude for the trust in my life fills my heart
  • TH – My Mind, Body, and Soul are in agreement
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