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Embracing the Inner Child: EFT for Releasing Old Hurts

Embracing the Inner Child: EFT for Releasing Old Hurts

Hello, beautiful souls! 🌟 Can you believe we’ve reached Day 60 of our ‘100 Days Until 2024 EFT Challenge’? The days are soaring by, and with each tap, we’re healing and transforming more profoundly. 🚀 As we delve further into our Heart or Anahata Chakra series, today brings us to our third enlightening session. And I promise, it’s a heart-touching one!

Today, we’re journeying back to our roots with “Embracing the Inner Child: EFT for Releasing Old Hurts.” 🌈✨ Our childhood memories, both joyful and painful, shape us in countless ways. But what if we could revisit those moments, offering love and healing to our younger selves? Let’s embark on this healing adventure together and allow our inner child to shine once more!

    Round 1:

  • KC – Even though I carry pain from my childhood, I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • KC – Even though my heart chakra holds onto those old wounds, I choose to deeply and completely accept and forgive myself.
  • KC – Even though these scars remind me of the past, I choose to love honor and accept myself
  • KC – Even though some days I’m overwhelmed by these memories, I forgive and accept myself fully.
  • EB – My childhood was filled with moments that hurt me.
  • SE – It sometimes feels like a weight on my heart.
  • UE – Remembering those times brings pain to the surface.
  • UN – I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever truly move past it.
  • UM – But the heart chakra is all about love and healing.
  • CB – It reminds me that I can find a way to release these wounds.
  • UA – There is a strength in my heart that wants to heal.
  • TH – My inner child deserves all the love I can give.

  • Round 2:

  • EB – I am more than my past, more than those moments.
  • SE – I want to direct healing energy to those childhood wounds.
  • UE – Opening my heart to heal can be scary, but it’s needed.
  • UN – Maybe it’s time to embrace my inner child with love and understanding.
  • UM – I can nurture, protect, and comfort that part of me.
  • CB – My heart chakra is pulsing with healing energy.
  • UA – I envision a warm, loving light embracing my inner child.
  • TH – And with every beat, my heart sends out waves of healing.

  • Round 3:

  • EB – I am taking steps to heal and nurture my inner child.
  • SE – Filling the voids of the past with love and compassion.
  • UE – With every breath, I’m breathing in healing and exhaling pain.
  • UN – I am worthy of healing and self-love.
  • UM – I am choosing to see the strength in my journey.
  • CB – Embracing the lessons and releasing the pain.
  • UA – Every day, I am becoming more whole, more healed.
  • TH – My Mind, Body, and Soul are in agreement.

In revisiting our childhood wounds with kindness and understanding, we offer ourselves a unique gift: the chance to heal and reintegrate parts of ourselves we might’ve overlooked or dismissed. Our inner child, full of joy, wonder, and innocence, eagerly waits for our recognition and love. Through this EFT tapping session, we aim not only to recognize those hurts but also to pave a path toward healing. Thank you for joining in on this transformational journey! Remember, you’re not alone; your radiant community is here with you, every tap of the way. 💖

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