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From Doubt to Direction: EFT Tapping for Leadership Growth

From Doubt to Direction: EFT Tapping for Leadership Growth

From Doubt to Direction: EFT Tapping for Leadership Growth

Hey radiant souls! 🌟 Welcome to Day 69 of our ‘100 Days Until 2024 EFT Tapping Challenge!’ We’re on a roll, and today’s energy is buzzing with positivity and empowerment. 🚀 As we journey through our Solar Plexus Chakra series, we’ve delved deep into mending our inner challenges. But today’s vibe? It’s all about magnifying the GOOD and instilling positive transformation! 🌈💪

Our session is christened ‘From Doubt to Direction: EFT Tapping for Leadership Growth.’ We’re not just focusing on amending the negative, but more on amplifying our confidence, acknowledging our inner leader, and paving a clear path towards genuine leadership. 🌱👑

With boundless enthusiasm and fingers poised for tapping, let’s embark on this transformative session and liberate the leader lurking within! 🌼✨ Ready to join? Let’s dive in! 🙌

Round 1:

KC – Even though I sometimes doubt my leadership abilities, I deeply and completely accept myself.
KC – Even though I’m not always confident in my decisions, I choose to deeply and completely accept and forgive myself.
KC – Even though I’ve hesitated to take the lead before, I choose to recognize my potential.
KC – Even though I sometimes shy away from responsibility, I forgive and accept myself anyway.
EB – Sometimes, I doubt my leadership skills.
SE – I’ve faced challenges in taking charge.
UE – It’s not always easy to step up.
UN – Wondering if others will follow my lead.
CH – The responsibility can feel overwhelming.
CB – But I want to grow and inspire.
UA – I’m ready to embrace my inner leader.
TH – Can I truly become the leader I envision?

Round 2:

EB – I’ve seen others lead with grace and strength.
SE – I want to be that beacon for others.
UE – Every leader faces doubts and fears.
UN – I can learn and evolve from every experience.
CH – I have unique qualities that set me apart.
CB – My perspective and approach are valuable.
UA – It’s time to trust in my abilities.
TH – I’m stepping into my power and potential.

Round 3:

EB – I believe in my vision and purpose.
SE – Every day, I’m growing stronger as a leader.
UE – I choose to inspire and uplift others.
UN – Embracing challenges as opportunities.
CH – Drawing strength from within.
CB – I am more than capable.
UA – I’m leading with passion and determination.
TH – My Mind, Body and Soul are in agreement.

Thank you for joining me in today’s session, radiant souls. Leadership is a journey, and every step, every tap, brings us closer to our true potential. Stay inspired, keep leading with heart, and remember – your journey from doubt to direction is an inspiration to us all! Keep shining and see you in the next session! 🌟💖

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