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From Guarded to Genuine: An EFT Session for Facing Vulnerability Fears

From Guarded to Genuine: An EFT Session for Facing Vulnerability Fears

From Guarded to Genuine: An EFT Session for Facing Vulnerability Fears

Hello, beautiful beings! 🌟 Here we are, on Day 61 of our exhilarating ‘100 Days Until 2024 EFT Challenge’. Time is whisking by, and every day we’re diving deeper, unlocking new layers of our potential. 🚀 As we venture further into our Heart or Anahata Chakra series, we’re on our second session. And believe me, it’s a transformative one!

Today, we’re focusing on bridging the gap between shielding ourselves and embracing authenticity with “From Guarded to Genuine: An EFT Session for Facing Vulnerability Fears.” 🌈✨ Vulnerability can often feel daunting, like stepping into unknown territories. But imagine the magic that could unfold if we shifted from guarding our hearts to genuinely connecting with ourselves and others? Let’s explore that together!

    Round 1

  • KC – Even though I fear being vulnerable, I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • KC – Even though being vulnerable feels like exposing my heart, I choose to deeply and completely accept and forgive myself.
  • KC – Even though I’ve built walls around my heart to protect it, I choose to love and accept myself completely.
  • KC – Even though vulnerability feels and cowardly, I love honor and accept myself.
  • EB – My heart is guarded, protecting itself.
  • SE – Vulnerability feels like a risk I’m not ready for.
  • UE – I’m afraid of getting hurt or rejected.
  • UN – When I think of opening up, my heart feels exposed.
  • UM – Why is it so hard to let others truly see me?
  • CB – I’ve been hurt before, and I’ve built these walls for a reason.
  • UA – It’s safer to keep things to myself and not be vulnerable.
  • TH – But, is this really living, or am I just existing behind these walls?

  • Round 2

  • EB – What if vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness?
  • SE – True connection requires letting my guard down.
  • UE – I wonder what opportunities I’ve missed by being so guarded.
  • UN – I want to trust that being vulnerable can bring joy.
  • UM – The heart chakra is all about love, openness, and connection.
  • CB – Maybe I can start by being a little vulnerable and see how it feels.
  • UA – The heart is resilient; it can heal and grow stronger from experiences.
  • TH – What if opening up could lead to deeper connections and more love?

  • Round 3

  • EB – I choose to see vulnerability as a path to authentic connection.
  • SE – While it’s okay to have boundaries, I won’t let them become barriers.
  • UE – My heart chakra is guiding me to be genuine and open.
  • UN – I am worthy of love and understanding.
  • UM – Each step towards vulnerability is a step towards a more authentic self.
  • CB – I believe in the strength of my heart and its capacity to love and be loved.
  • UA – Embracing vulnerability might just be the key to a fuller life.
  • TH – My Mind, Body, and Soul are in agreement.

As we continue this powerful journey of exploration and self-discovery, it’s essential to remember the strength that lies within vulnerability. Being genuine and open can pave the way for deeper connections, understanding, and a life filled with love and authenticity. Embrace the journey, trust the process, and always know that your heart chakra will guide you towards true fulfillment. Shine on! 🌟

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