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Goodbye Perfectionism, Hello Freedom: An EFT Tapping Guide

Goodbye Perfectionism, Hello Freedom: An EFT Tapping Guide

🌸 Goodbye Perfectionism, Hello Freedom: An EFT Tapping Guide 🌟

Hello, radiant souls! Welcome back to Day 72 of our ‘100 Days Until 2024 EFT Tapping Challenge’. Today, we’re diving deep into our third video focused on the sacral chakra: ‘Goodbye Perfectionism, Hello Freedom: An EFT Tapping Guide’. Perfectionism and procrastination are two sides of the same coin. In yesterday’s session, we explored how procrastination can hold us back, and today, we’re addressing its close cousin, perfectionism. By releasing the need for everything to be ‘perfect’, we open ourselves up to the freedom of authentic expression and true progress. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, tapping into our inner power and saying hello to the freedom that lies ahead!

Round 1:

KC – Even though I strive for perfection in everything… I deeply and completely accept myself

KC – Even though perfectionism sometimes holds me back… I choose to deeply and completely accept and forgive myself

KC – Even though I fear making mistakes… I choose to accept and forgive myself anyway

KC – Even though I’ve been tough on myself aiming for perfection… I forgive and accept myself anyway

EB – I often aim for perfection

SE – And it feels like a constant pressure

UE – Every time I fall short, I feel a pang inside

UN – I wonder if I’m just too hard on myself

UM – But deep down, I know I have the fire to achieve my goals

CB – I’ve celebrated many successes in the past

UA – Why then do I focus on the imperfections?

TH – Maybe it’s time to tap into that inner energy and embrace progress over perfection

Round 2:

EB – I remember times when I was passionate and determined

SE – I want to harness that energy without the weight of perfectionism

UE – Instead of focusing on the flaws, I want to celebrate the wins

UN – I have the fire inside to achieve great things

UM – Maybe I need to shift my focus from perfection to progress

CB – Every step forward is a win, no matter how small

UA – So why not embrace the journey and the growth it brings?

TH – I have the power within me to move past perfectionism

Round 3:

EB – It’s time to reframe my mindset

SE – And tap into my inner fire for progress

UE – I know I can do this, learning from every step

UN – No more self-doubt, no more waiting for things to be perfect

UM – Because growth is more important than perfection

CB – I’m ready to take action and embrace my journey

UA – I’ll harness the energy inside to move forward with grace and confidence

TH – My Mind, Body and Soul are in agreement: progress over perfection!

Thank you for joining this beautiful journey of self-discovery with me. Remember, as we tap away the barriers of perfectionism, we are not only freeing ourselves but also igniting the passion and purpose within. Stay radiant, embrace the journey, and always choose progress over perfection. Until our next session, keep shining your light! 💖

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