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Have an Amazing Day: EFT Tapping Routine

Have an Amazing Day: EFT Tapping Routine

🌈 Have an Amazing Day: EFT Tapping Routine 🌟

Hey beautiful souls! We’re on Day 89 of our 100 Days Until 2024 EFT Tapping Challenge, and today is something really special. 🌟

This is one of those bonus taps I teased about when we started this epic journey. Specifically designed to kickstart your day, today’s tapping session is all about setting your day up for success, happiness, and pure awesomeness! 😎

Why This Routine?

With this routine, we’re not just aiming for a good day; we’re going for an amazing, fabulous, and all-around spectacular day! Let’s raise those vibrations and manifest an incredible day together. 🌞

How To Get The Most Out of This Tap

The best time to engage in this tapping routine is first thing in the morning. That way, you set a high-vibe tone for the rest of the day. And don’t worry; we’ve got an evening routine coming up to help you wrap up your day just as wonderfully. 🌙

Let’s Do This!

So grab a comfy seat, take a deep breath, and get those tapping fingers ready. Let’s make this day not just good, but utterly amazing. 💖

Have an Amazing Day Script:

Round 1:

  • KC Today is a Good Day
  • KC And I choose to love and accept myself
  • KC I am choosing to have a good day
  • KC I choose to love honor and accept myself
  • KC Today I am choosing to have a great day
  • KC I dont know what that looks like
  • KC I dont have to know that that looks like
  • KC To have an amazing wonderful great day
  • EB I choose to have a great day
  • SE I choose to have an amazing day
  • UE I choose to allow so much wonderful in my life
  • UN: There may be things that
  • UM I would like to happen today
  • CB And I am open to pleasant surprises
  • UA I am open to miracles happening
  • TH I choose for things to go super smooth today

  • Round 2:

  • EB I choose to make moves in alignment
  • SE with my highest purpose
  • UE I am in the zone today
  • UN Effortlessly performing
  • UM At the top of my game
  • CB Cause I woke up like this
  • UA Flawless in form and in deed
  • TH I choose to feel great

  • Round 3:

  • EB I choose to be great
  • SE I choose to have an amazing
  • UE wonderful
  • UN Fabulous
  • UM Magnificent
  • CB Joyous
  • UA day
  • TH And my mind body and spirit are in agreement

  • Keep up with our 100-day challenge and don’t forget to tune in for more empowering routines and tips. Let’s rock this journey together! 🌈✨

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