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Healing From Verbal Abuse – EFT Tapping Session

Healing From Verbal Abuse – EFT Tapping Session

Welcome to Day 43 of our 100 Days Until 2024 EFT Challenge 🌱✨

Today’s EFT session is a nurturing journey dedicated to healing from verbal abuse. As we continue our series on the Throat Chakra, we’re creating a space for gentle healing and empowerment. 🗣️🛡️

Trigger Warning: This session may contain sensitive content relating to verbal abuse. Please ensure you’re in a safe space and remember, it’s okay to pause and take a breath whenever you need. 🚨💖With each tap, we are not just releasing pain but are also stepping into our power and reclaiming our voice. Below are the tapping points we will cover in today’s video:

    Round 1

  • KC – Even though I’ve been hurt by words, I deeply and completely accept myself
  • KC – Even though I’ve felt silenced by verbal abuse, I choose to deeply and completely accept and forgive myself
  • KC – Even though my voice has been stifled by others’ harsh words, I choose to love, honor, accept, and forgive myself anyway
  • KC – Even though I’ve struggled to express my truth because of this abuse, I forgive and accept myself anyway
  • EB – The harsh words I’ve heard have impacted me
  • SE – I’ve been made to feel small and voiceless
  • UE – I’ve held back my voice to avoid further hurt
  • UN – This abuse has affected how I see my own worth
  • UM – I’ve felt powerless and mute against the abuse
  • CB – And because of this, I’ve lost touch with my true voice
  • UA – I’ve doubted my right to speak and be heard
  • TH – I wonder if my voice can ever truly resonate with my truth

  • Round 2

  • EB – My expression has been confined by others’ words
  • SE – When I think about speaking up… I feel the old fear
  • UE – I’ve been quieted for too long
  • UN – Is it time for me to reclaim my voice?
  • UM – I think it’s time to speak my truth with love
  • CB – Maybe my voice is stronger than I’ve been led to believe
  • UA – I can honor my voice and my truth
  • TH – It’s time to let my voice be a source of healing

  • Round 3

  • EB – I am ready to nurture my voice with kindness
  • SE – Although I’ve been hurt, I am not broken
  • UE – It feels freeing to consider speaking my truth
  • UN – I’m open to using my voice for self-healing
  • UM – A part of me is eager to express my inner truth
  • CB – Maybe I can transform my experiences into strength
  • UA – I celebrate the courage it takes to heal and speak up
  • TH – My Mind, Body, and Soul are in agreement

As we close today’s session, remember that every step you take is one towards healing and regaining the strength of your voice. You’re not alone on this path—each tap is a reminder that your voice is valuable and your experiences, while challenging, have not defined you. They’ve only made you stronger. Together, we’re tapping into resilience and the profound power of healing. 🙏💪

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