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Release the Fear: Root Chakra Healing EFT Tapping

Release the Fear: Root Chakra Healing EFT Tapping

Hey lovely folks! Welcome to video number six in our fabulous Root Chakra series. Today’s all about shaking off that fear. You know, the Root Chakra, or Muladhara, is where we get our steady base, our sense of safety and all that good stuff. But when it’s all out of whack? Fear slides right in, snatching our calm and leaving us in a mess. But guess what? We’re so not letting fear keep us down.

Letting Go Of Fear

Round 1:

  • KC – Even though fear grips my heart… I deeply and completely accept myself
  • KC – Even though I’ve been paralyzed by fear… I love and accept myself
  • KC – Even though sometimes fear overshadows my dreams… I choose to be gentle with me
  • KC – Even though fear feels constant… I love honor and accept myself
  • EB – Fear feels like a heavy weight
  • SE – It holds me back from my dreams
  • UE – Every step feel like too much
  • UN – Shadows of fear cloud my vision
  • UM – Old hurts fuelin’ my fears
  • CB – Maybe I can get above them
  • UA – Facing my fears with courage
  • TH – Seeking the light beyond the shadows

Round 2:

  • EB – I am releasing the hold fear has on me
  • SE – I am embracing love and peace
  • UE – I let go of the fears that don’t serve me
  • UN – I am more than my fears
  • UM – I am choosing courage over fear
  • CB – I am filling my heart with bravery and strength
  • UA – I am grounded and safe, fear does not control me
  • TH – I let go of fear and welcome peace and calm in my life

Round 3:

  • EB – I am bigger than my fears
  • SE – Embracing challenges with courage
  • UE – Every fear faced is a victory
  • UN – Letting go of the chains of fear
  • UM – I am brave, strong, and resilient
  • CB – My spirit is fearless
  • UA – Embracing life without boundaries
  • TH – My Mind, Body and Soul are in agreement
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