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Tap into Productivity: Overcoming Procrastination with EFT

Tap into Productivity: Overcoming Procrastination with EFT

🔥 Tap into Productivity: Overcoming Procrastination with EFT 🌈✨

Hello, beautiful souls! Welcome back to our ‘100 Days Until 2024 EFT Tapping Challenge’. Today is Day 73, and I’m thrilled to present the second video in our Solar Plexus Chakra series: ‘Tap into Productivity: Overcoming Procrastination with EFT’. Harnessing the power of our inner fire and drive, we’re diving deep into techniques to help you move past delays and embrace action. If you happened to miss yesterday’s session, we had a bonus treat for you: a Sacral Chakra guided meditation focusing on ‘Creative Flow’. 🌟 It’s a powerful tool to connect with your innate creativity, so be sure to check that out. But for now, let’s get ready to tap into productivity and push past those barriers holding us back. Let’s begin🌈✨

Round 1:

KC – Even though I often put things off… I deeply and completely accept myself

KC – Even though procrastination seems to be my default… I choose to deeply and completely love honor accept myself

KC – Even though I’ve lost opportunities because of my delays… I choose to accept and forgive myself anyway

KC – Even though I’ve been stuck in this cycle… I forgive and accept myself anyway

EB – I often delay tasks

SE – And it weighs heavily on me

UE – Every time I put something off, I feel a weight inside

UN – I wonder if I’m just lazy or afraid

UM – But I know deep down, I have the fire to get things done

CB – I’ve proven it to myself in the past

UA – Why then do I keep holding back?

TH – Maybe it’s time to tap into that inner energy and drive

Round 2:

EB – I remember times when I was on fire and unstoppable

SE – I want to feel that drive again

UE – Instead of being held back by my own doubts

UN – I have the energy inside me to move forward

UM – Maybe I just need to ignite that inner spark

CB – Every time I complete a task, I feel a burst of pride

UA – So why not chase that feeling more often?

TH – I have the power within me to overcome procrastination

Round 3:

EB – It’s time to break the cycle

SE – And tap into my inner fire

UE – I know I can do this, one task at a time

UN – No more delays, no more waiting for the “perfect moment”

UM – Because the perfect moment is now

CB – I’m ready to take action

UA – I’ll embrace the energy inside me

TH – My Mind, Body and Soul are in agreement!

Thank you for joining me in this transformative journey! Remember, every step, every tap, and every affirmation brings you closer to the most empowered version of yourself. Keep shining and embracing that inner fire. Until next time, stay radiant! 🌟

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