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The BookBabes Collection: In Honor of Four Women Who Wove Stories into My Life

I’m excited to announce the launch of my newest project, an homage to the incredible women who have not just shaped my life, but also nurtured my passion for reading. Their stories, their spirits, their resilience, and their love for the written word have inspired a collection that I am proud to share with all of you – The BookBabes Collection of book bags. The BookBabes Collection is a celebration of stories, each print capturing the essence of the remarkable women it is named after. These book bags are more than just a means to carry your beloved books; they’re wearable narratives that encapsulate fond memories and the potent impact of the women they honor.

First Drop: The ‘Tammy’ -A Tale of Love, Warmth, and Nostalgia

Embarking on this journey, we begin with our inaugural drop, the Tammy. This design honors my beloved Aunt Tammy, whose unwavering kindness and wisdom shaped the person I am today. The ‘Tammy’ book bag captures her spirit, blending love, warmth, and nostalgic sentiments. Carry any of the bags with this print and embody the essence of a remarkable woman who cherished the power of storytelling.

Second Drop: The ‘Lisa’ – Embracing Brilliance and Resilience

Our second design pays homage to the brilliance and resilience of Aunt Lisa, whose radiant light was tragically extinguished far too soon. The ‘Lisa’ print epitomizes her intelligence and creativity, reminding us to carry our heritage and history with pride. Let this print inspire you to embrace your own brilliance and resilience. Her creative spirit, evidenced by the riveting game she created about Black historical figures, leaves an indelible mark on everyone she touched.

Third Drop: The ‘Cristy’ – A Fusion of Style and Grace

In our third drop, we celebrate the elegance and flair of Auntie Cristy, a model and fashionista. The ‘Cristy’ print exudes it girl and chicness, mirroring her impeccable sense of style. This design is perfect for those who want to make a statement, just as Aunt Cristy always did. Carry this bag and embrace your own unique fashion journey.

Final Drop: The ‘Marjorie‘ – Nurturing Young Minds

Concluding our collection is the ‘Marjorie,’ named after my fourth-grade teacher who nurtured my insatiable reading habit. Recognizing my thirst for advanced literature, she graciously shared her daughter’s outgrown books with me. The ‘Marjorie’ book bag serves as a tribute to all educators who recognize and cultivate a child’s potential, symbolizing their profound impact on shaping young minds. Carry this print and honor the teachers who shape the future.

The BookBabes Collection is my way of honoring these extraordinary women and their lasting influence on my life. Their love for literature and their indomitable spirits are woven into each design. As you carry these bags with prints, remember that you’re not just carrying books; you’re also carrying a piece of a legacy, a story, a tribute to four incredible women. Each print in this collection is a celebration of the past, a nod to the women who guided me, and a token of inspiration for the future. These prints, each representing a chapter in my life’s story, are now ready to accompany you on your literary journeys. Thank you, dear friends, for being part of this heartfelt project. Stay tuned for the upcoming drops and immerse yourself in the legacy of Tammy, Lisa, Cristy, and Marjorie. May their stories inspire you, as they have inspired me. Happy Reading!

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