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Turn Dreams into Reality: EFT Tapping for Goal-Getters

Turn Dreams into Reality: EFT Tapping for Goal-Getters 🚀

Hey there, radiant souls! 🌟

Can you believe it’s already Day 63 of our ‘100 Days Until 2024 EFT Tapping Challenge?’ Time sure does fly when we’re on a transformative journey! 🎉 We’ve ventured deep into our Solar Plexus Chakra series, addressing and healing various challenges. But today? Today’s vibe is all about amplifying the positive! 🌈✨

We’re shifting gears with our 10th video in this series, diving into a session titled ‘Turn Dreams into Reality: EFT Tapping for Goal-Getters 🚀.’ Instead of mending what’s broken, let’s reinforce what’s strong, amplify our ambitions, and tap into the power to make our dreams come true! 🌱💪

So, beautiful souls, with hearts full of dreams and fingers ready to tap, let’s embark on today’s uplifting session. Ready to turn those aspirations into achievements? Let’s rock this! 🌼🙌

Round 1:

KC – Even though I sometimes doubt my ability to achieve my goals, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC – Even though my ambitions seem far and intimidating, I choose to deeply and completely accept and forgive myself.

KC – Even though I’ve faced setbacks on my path, I believe in my journey and my purpose.

KC – Even though there are days I feel overwhelmed by my dreams, I forgive and accept myself anyway.

EB – My goals sometimes feel out of reach.

SE – The path to success is filled with obstacles.

UE – I’ve had moments of doubt and hesitation.

UN – Sometimes, it feels like I might never get there.

CH – The weight of my ambitions can be heavy.

CB – But these are MY dreams, and they matter.

UA – I want to believe in my potential.

TH – Can I truly overcome these doubts and fears?

Round 2:

EB – I’ve achieved goals before, big and small.

SE – Each achievement taught me something valuable.

UE – I have the strength and determination within me.

UN – My ambitions are a reflection of my potential.

CH – I won’t be deterred by temporary setbacks.

CB – I am resilient, capable, and strong.

UA – Every challenge is an opportunity to grow.

TH – I’m embracing my journey with passion and purpose.

Round 3:

EB – My goals are clear, and my path is set.

SE – I am driven by my dreams and my purpose.

UE – Every step forward is a victory.

UN – I believe in the power of my intentions.

CH – I am surrounded by support and positivity.

CB – I am committed to my journey and my growth.

UA – My ambitions are within reach, and I’m going for it.

TH – My Mind, Body and Soul are in agreement.

In this journey, it’s essential to recognize that while we work on healing, there’s also immense power in reinforcing our strengths. By tapping into our goals and ambitions, we’re setting the stage for incredible growth and achievements. Keep shining, keep dreaming, and keep tapping into your best self! 🌟 Until next time, radiant souls! 💖

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