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Unlocking Your Voice: Throat Chakra Healing Journey

Unlocking Your Voice: Throat Chakra Healing Journey

Welcome to Day 49 of our 100 Days Until 2024 EFT Challenge!

Hey there, beautiful souls! 🌟 Today is a special day as we embark on a vibrant journey towards vocal liberation and self-expression. It’s the first day of our “Unlocking Your Voice: Throat Chakra Healing Journey” series, and I am thrilled to guide you through this transformative experience. 🗣️✨

If you’ve ever felt like your voice is just a whisper in a storm, or if speaking your truth has been a battle, this series is your new haven. We’re about to tap (quite literally!) into that beautiful throat chakra of yours to unleash the powerful stream of authenticity and communication that’s been waiting to flow. Are you ready to be heard? 🎤💜

Together, we’re not just tapping; we’re knocking down the walls that have caged your voice. So, let’s dive in and let those words soar. Here’s the tapping portion we’ll be working on:

    Round 1

  • KC – Even though I struggle to speak my truth, I deeply and completely accept myself
  • KC – Even though I fear being judged for my words, I choose to deeply and completely accept and forgive myself
  • KC – Even though I’ve held back my voice, I choose to love, honor, accept, and forgive myself anyway
  • KC – Even though I’ve been silenced before, I forgive and accept myself anyway
  • EB – I’ve struggled to express myself
  • SE – I fear my voice isn’t worthy
  • UE – I am hesitant to share my truth
  • UN – And this weighs heavily on me
  • UM – I feel silenced by my past
  • CB – And because of this, I feel stifled and unheard
  • UA – I doubt my words hold value
  • TH – I wonder if my voice can ever be truly free

  • Round 2

  • EB – My voice has been quiet for too long
  • SE – When I think about speaking up… I feel so anxious
  • UE – I’ve missed opportunities to be heard
  • UN – Maybe it’s time for me to embrace my voice?
  • UM – I think I need to find strength in my words
  • CB – Maybe the power to heal is within my speech?
  • UA – I know how to listen to others… now I need to listen to myself
  • TH – Maybe it’s time to start appreciating my own voice

  • Round 3

  • EB – I am considering becoming someone who *can* speak their truth
  • SE – Although, I’m not sure how I will start this journey
  • UE – It feels good to think about being heard
  • UN – I’m open to learning how to express myself
  • UM – Part of me is looking forward to communicating openly
  • CB – Maybe expressing myself is something I *can* do
  • UA – I appreciate my desire to heal and be heard
  • TH – My Mind, Body, and Soul are in agreement

As we wrap up today’s session, remember that each tap is a step closer to freeing your voice. You’re not alone on this journey; we’re all here, tapping away the silence and speaking volumes into the universe. Keep shining and sharing that incredible voice of yours! Until next time, keep tapping into your greatness. 🌈🙌

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