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Day 1: My Journey Begins with the 100-Day EFT Tapping Challenge

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Hello to all my fellow journeyers,

Today marks a significant chapter in my self-discovery and healing quest. September 23rd, 2023, is the day I recommit to my 100-day EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Challenge, a tradition I’ve held dear since 2019. This year promises a fresh, rejuvenated structure aimed to supercharge not just my growth, but hopefully yours as well.

Looking back at 2019, I took on the challenge with full vigor, releasing a daily EFT tapping video. And now, I’m fusing this year’s challenge with chakra clearing. If you’re unfamiliar, there are seven main chakras in our body, each a unique energy point. My mission? To release 10 videos for each chakra, focusing on tailored affirmations. That makes 70 videos centered around chakras.

You might be wondering about the other 30 videos. Well, besides today’s welcome message (which doesn’t include any tapping), I plan to introduce explanations, guided meditation sessions, and maybe even a few delightful surprises to keep things engaging. You can catch these daily nuggets of wisdom on my YouTube channel and my blog at TiffsGlitz. If you’re looking for a more in-depth insight into what this challenge entails, there’s a detailed introductory post on my blog.

Before we dive deep into this, it’s essential to clarify my philosophy for this challenge. It’s all about “progress over perfection” for me. I’m not aiming for a polished, over-edited series; I want this to be as raw, genuine, and heartfelt as possible. The videos will typically be between three to five minutes, with some short bursts perhaps popping up on TikTok.

EFT has always been my therapeutic anchor. It works its magic every single time I turn to it. But oddly enough, amidst life’s chaos, it’s sometimes the first practice I unintentionally let slip – an irony I’m sure many can resonate with.

To wrap up, this isn’t just a routine challenge for me; it’s about transformation, feeling rejuvenated, and harmonizing my energies. EFT is my solace, and I’m inviting all of you to explore its wonders with me over these 100 days. So, let’s embrace the journey, imperfections and all, and elevate together!

See you all tomorrow!


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