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You Belong Here: EFT Tapping to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

You Belong Here: EFT Tapping to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Hey there, radiant souls! 🌟 Can you believe we’re already on Day 75 of our 100 Days Until 2024 EFT Tapping Challenge? Time really flies when you’re leveling up your life, doesn’t it? 🎉

We just wrapped up our transformative Sacral Chakra series with an epic video on Self-Worth, and if that got you pumped, you’re gonna love what’s next!

So, what’s cooking? We’re diving into a brand new series focusing on that powerhouse of personal power and confidence—the area right around your belly button! Now, if you thought understanding your self-worth was a game-changer, this series will kick it up a notch!

Today’s Topic: Tackling Imposter Syndrome

That’s right; we’re getting rid of those sneaky thoughts that make you feel like a fraud. Trust me, you won’t wanna miss this! 🌈✨ Let’s grab those tapping fingers and dive right in, shall we? 🙌

Round 1:

  • KC – Even though I often feel like a fraud, I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • KC – Even though I think I don’t deserve my achievements, I choose to deeply and completely accept and forgive myself.
  • KC – Even though I’m scared people will find out I’m not as capable as they think, I choose to accept and forgive myself anyway.
  • KC – Even though I doubt my own skills, I forgive and accept myself anyway.
  • EB – I always feel like I’m faking it.
  • SE – Why do I think I’m not good enough?
  • UE – It feels like I’ve tricked everyone.
  • UN – And soon they’ll find out.
  • UM – I’m always second-guessing myself.
  • CB – This fear keeps holding me back.
  • UA – Am I ever going to feel like I belong?
  • TH – Will this doubt follow me forever

  • Round 2:

  • EB – What if I am good enough?
  • SE – Maybe I’ve earned my achievements.
  • UE – It’s possible I do have the skills I’m credited for.
  • UN – What if I can be confident in my abilities?
  • UM – I’m open to the idea that I do belong.
  • CB – Maybe it’s time to let go of this fear.
  • UA – People believe in me; why shouldn’t I?
  • TH – I’m curious about living without this doubt hanging over me.

  • Round 3:

  • EB – I’m ready to acknowledge my own capabilities.
  • SE – I realize that believing in myself makes me stronger.
  • UE – I give myself permission to be confident.
  • UN – Doubt doesn’t define me; my actions do.
  • UM – I’m ready to kick this imposter syndrome to the curb.
  • CB – I can be my own biggest supporter.
  • UA – I believe in my ability to be authentically me.
  • TH – My Mind, Body, and Soul are in agreement.

  • Wrapping it Up

    And there you have it, folks! If you’ve been feeling like a fraud, it’s time to tap those thoughts away and make room for the authentic, confident you. Stick around for more insights and transformations as we journey together in our 100 Days Until 2024 EFT Tapping Challenge. Let’s make this year the best one yet! 🌟💖

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